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American Wizard Janitorial

The Magic Touch of Superior Quality...
Exceptional commercial cleaning services with experienced cleaning professionals!
Our Mission
We're dedicated to offering our clients only the very best of cleaning services in Georgia
  • To service our customer’s requirements and expectations by providing training and technical support through designing systems for building maintenance
  • To promote a safe and clean environment for your clients, employees and staff at a reasonable cost
  • To utilize equipment and supplies effectively

American Wizard operates a full service janitorial building maintenance company. The company began with 2 employees and has grown to more than 45 employees. Our first major customer was Nationwide Auto Parts located in Atlanta, Georgia. We currently have 30 major customers. We provide a full range of services from basic cleaning, restoration, and contaminant control cleaning.

  • Customized Cleaning Services

    We know no two buildings are alike. That's precisely why we can tailor our janitorial services in to your unique needs.

  • Best Practices

    With years of experience, our team has fine-tuned our cleaning services to be the very best. We offer unparalleled professional janitorial services always following best practices for sanitation and cleanliness.

  • High-Quality Equipment

    Our janitorial team uses only the best equipment for our cleaning services. From superior portable extractors to effective vacuums, we utilize only the best to ensure all of our clients are satisfied.

Keeping local businesses, churches, schools and more, clean and functioning smoothly.

We're specialists in cleaning and maintaining commercial spaces with professional janitorial services so that your employees can function well throughout the day and work comfortably, safely, and more effectively. Our services include:

What some recent clients say about their experience with American Wizard Janitorial

We might be biased. Take it from our clients.

Have seen their work. Very professional and prompt. Would highly recommend their COVID-19 cleaning services.

Lucy Griffin

American Wizard Janitorial was the missing piece to my puzzle. From start to finish, they solved every problem and helped us achieve our goals in the most professional way possible.

Marie Williams

Using American Wizard Janitorial helped me save weeks of work. Their delightful level of quality and service is consistent and one of a kind. I can't recommend American Wizard Janitorial enough.

Wing l

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If you're in need of cleaning services in Georgia, our team is here for you.

  • Service hours

    Monday through Sunday

  • Office hours
    • Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
    • Saturday and Sunday: Text or Email
  • Reach out
    • Office: 478-956-4744
    • Cell (Text):478-396-3681
    • Email: